Study Abroad Programmes

Study Abroad in England Course


We aim to foster students who wish to find their place to international society.

Keiai Gakuen senior high school has led the way in establishing its own study abroad programme.

The high school gives them credits based on their application.

The study abroad system guides our students from entrance to post-graduation.

Three year process

When students are freshman, we provide those who wish to study abroad with special English-communication and comparative culture instruction.

When they become sophomore, they go abroad for one year.
From April to June, they stay in dormitories at Alexander's international school and learn to live in the U.K.
From July, They go to Sheffield to stay with their host families and study courses in English at The Sheffield campus.
When the programme comes to an end, credits are given to them.

When they become senior, we consolidate speaking English skills, paving the way for them to achieve higher grades. We assume our responsibility in giving career guidance.

Studying Abroad (Homestay during Summer Vacation)

Intensive English Course in speaking and Listening

Lessons are held on weekdays for three to five hours a day.
Students learn about foreign culture, history and customs.
Students can go to the local town to practice English.

Homestay Program

Students will live with their host families and learn English.

On weekdays, they will study in their classroom, but after that, they will also visit many places and play sports.

Small Class System

Students can take elective classes as they are divided into the classes by the placement test. If it is necessary, they can change their classes.

Life with Host family

Students can enjoy being with their host families on weekday afternoons, and at the weekend.
It's also possible to invite neighbours to have a home party, go shopping and so on.
Students can plan anything they want:
During the homestay, each hostfamily serves meals. As students are regarded as family members, it is necessary for them to help with the housework.


If students complete the prescribed credits, they receive a certificate on the lastday of their course.

Field Trip

There are many places of scenic beauty and historic interest in each district in the country.
Through such experiences, students can feel the country close to them.


Japanese staff members go with the students during the course. They cooperate with the coordinators and English teachers concerning the course in the country.

Farewell Party

The farewell party will be held on the end of the course to express students’ gratitude to their host families.
Students themselves plan and manage the party. They sometimes introduce Japanese culture food, songs, dance, flower arrangement and tea ceremony to their host families.