School Founding Principles

Keiten-aijin' means "Worship Your Heaven, Love Your Neighbor." Nanshu Saigo’s teaching are as follows:
"As the way is shown in the natural order of heaven and earth, it is right for one only to follow the Way.
For this reason, one should have a great esteem for Heaven first of all. Heaven equally loves others as well as me,
therefore I should love them the same as it loves me."

The founder of this school, Masaji Nagatoro, sympathised with Nanshu (Takamori) Saigo's instruction and was deeply impressed by his idea.
Therefore, he adopted the idea, "Worship Your Heaven, Love Your Neighbor.", as the school’s founding principle.

Educational Principles

Principal :Yasuhiko Tawada

  • Cooperation between Teachers and Students
  • Student Guidance with emphasis on "Truth and Morality"
  • Each student shall receive Course Counseling for the Future